The Qualified Route is a direct path to becoming a Chartered Manager for staff who have a minimum Bachelor level qualification in management, leadership or business with 3+ years experience, or who have 5+ years management experience (no qualification required). This route is primarily participant-driven, but staff will be kept accountable for their progress as a cohort.

To qualify for this route, staff must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum bachelor level qualification in management, leadership or business with at least 3 years management or leadership experience; OR
  • 5 years’+ management experience (no qualification required)

This route will take approximately 3-6 months to complete.


IML 360 feedback tool

Candidates complete the IML 360 feedback survey at any stage during the Chartered Manager process.

360 feedback surveys allow staff to measure their key competencies and behaviours against their peers.

Chartered Manager Assessment

The Chartered Manager assessment structure is made up of 4 main components:

  • Supporting documents providing evidence to support your eligibility
  • Written assessment which reviews your practical skills
  • Phone interview with an assessor
  • IML Membership

IML Accredited Coaching
Candidates undergo a tailored development coaching program with the Switch Education for Business e-learning platform, that targets individual and team professional needs.


Organisations undertaking the Chartered Manager Corporate Partner program receive a 10% discount on Chartered Manager with complimentary IML 360 analysis and coaching for their staff.
Organisations must have 2 or more candidates per application enrolled to complete the program.
Program Fee
$550 per candidate
[incl. GST]

Annual Membership Fee Structure

All Chartered Managers must hold Membership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders. The level of Membership – Member, Associate Fellow or Fellow – is determined based on management experience. Chartered Managers will also become Members of the Chartered Management Institute in the UK.
IML Membership Application fee$90
Chartered Member (CMgr MIML)$350 per year
Chartered Associate Fellow (CMgr AFIML)$400 per year
Chartered Fellow (CMgr FIML)$455 per year
CMI Member (MCMI)Included in Chartered Membership fee

What Does Chartered Manager Assessment Involve?

The assessment structure is made up of 4 main components.


Provide evidence to support your eligbility


Undertake an assessment reviewing your practical skills


Undertake an interview with an assessor


Become a Member of IML and CMI
Questions? Find out more on our Chartered Manager FAQ page.