Leadership Outlook Series: Creating a Safe and Respectful Workplace – Launceston



date & time

03/04/2019 - 7:30 am to 9:30 am

The Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand has partnered with White Ribbon to present Leadership Outlook 2019: Creating a safe and respectful workplace, a national series of practical and thought-provoking workshops that tackle gendered violence as a workplace issue.

Our Leadership Outlook events will define and identify violence and contributing factors, provide strategies to support staff experiencing violence, and help attendees to learn to mitigate risk. The workshops will also cover bullying, harassment and intimidation and how managers and leaders can support teams affected. During each of our sessions, a panel of local leaders will also share their real-world experiences in creating safe and respectful workplaces.

Each Leadership Outlook session will:

·        Provide a forum for employers to learn about best practice approaches to create a safe and supportive workplace for employees who are experiencing domestic violence, bullying or harassment in or out of the workplace

·        Increase your knowledge and skills in applying a strategic, evidence-based methodology to create a safe and respectful workplace drawn from White Ribbon’s work with organisations on the Workplace Accreditation Program

·        Outline strategies that can be implemented to support staff which minimises risk and promotes a supportive culture within the workplace

·        Provide overview of resources and tools available to assist in creating a safe and respectful workplace

·        Offer a practical case study to work through key learnings from the sessions

We all deserve to feel safe. Join us for an event that will help transform workplaces, leadership and society.

Registrations commence at 7.00am with a light breakfast and networking. The session will start at 7.30am. 


In partnership with White Ribbon

Stacey Nelan
Workplace Program Advisor
White Ribbon Australia

Stacey emerged from an abusive relationship a strong advocate against violence towards women and a champion for the progress of women and gender equality.

Her perceptions of what was domestic violence nearly got her killed and so she started sharing her powerful story 3 years ago through engagements to raise awareness.  An accomplished speaker, Stacey has spoken to over 4000 people including at the 2017 International Women’s Day Luncheon and the 2016 White Ribbon March in Adelaide. Stacey became a White Ribbon Advocate in 2016. After 20 years in local and state government she changed careers to follow her passion and accepted a role in July 2017 with White Ribbon Australia as an Advisor in their Workplace Accreditation Program team.

Stacey now uses her lived and professional experiences to work with organisations who are also committed social change, to the prevention of violence against women and creating safe and respectful workplaces for everyone.



Barbara Brown
General Manager | People and Culture | St Lukes Health in Launceston

Barbara Brown is the General Manager of People and Culture at St Lukes Health in Launceston, a not-for-profit organisation that focusses on providing its members the best value in health care.
Barbara designs and delivers workforce strategies across the multi-disciplinary functions of the organisation, underpinned by demonstrated experience in developing workforce plans and capability frameworks.
Her previous experience in human resources with more than 20 years in the aged care sector and as a Senior Advisor with KPMG, has given Barbara the skills and knowledge to motivate the workforce towards a continuous learning culture which results in high performing teams.
As a member of the Executive team, Barbara brings a ‘workforce’ focus and ensures people are well equipped to meet the needs of the members to help them stay healthy, get well and live better lives and deliver peace of mind.
Barbara is also a member of the Institute of Leaders and Managers.


29 Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania, 7250, Australia