Leadership Outlook Series: Creating a Safe and Respectful Workplace – Sydney



date & time

14/03/2019 - 7:30 am to 7:30 am

The Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand has partnered with White Ribbon to present Leadership Outlook 2019: Creating a safe and respectful workplace, a national series of practical and thought-provoking workshops that tackle gendered violence as a workplace issue.

Our Leadership Outlook events will define and identify violence and contributing factors, provide strategies to support staff experiencing violence, and help attendees to learn to mitigate risk. The workshops will also cover bullying, harassment and intimidation and how managers and leaders can support teams affected. During each of our sessions, a panel of local leaders will also share their real-world experiences in creating safe and respectful workplaces.

Each Leadership Outlook session will:

·        Provide a forum for employers to learn about best practice approaches to create a safe and supportive workplace for employees who are experiencing domestic violence, bullying or harassment in or out of the workplace

·        Increase your knowledge and skills in applying a strategic, evidence-based methodology to create a safe and respectful workplace drawn from White Ribbon’s work with organisations on the Workplace Accreditation Program

·        Outline strategies that can be implemented to support staff which minimises risk and promotes a supportive culture within the workplace

·        Provide overview of resources and tools available to assist in creating a safe and respectful workplace

·        Offer a practical case study to work through key learnings from the sessions

We all deserve to feel safe. Join us for an event that will help transform workplaces, leadership and society.

Registrations commence at 7.00am with a light breakfast and networking. The session will start at 7.30am. 


In partnership with White Ribbon

Ronan Smyth
Executive Manager, Workplaces
White Ribbon Australia

Ronan Smyth is responsible for the strategic management and operational delivery of White Ribbon’s Workplace Accreditation Program. The Workplace Accreditation Program is a world leading violence-prevention initiative focused on providing organisations with the tools and strategies to actively prevent and effectively respond to violence against women.

Before working at White Ribbon, Ronan worked in the UK, managing complex programs that delivered services to disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Within all his roles, Ronan has focused on achieving social change through interventions with individuals and engagement with stakeholders. At White Ribbon, Ronan has led the redesign and development of the Workplace Accreditation Program.


Panel Moderator:

Mark Leopold
Head of Better Workplaces
Institute of Managers and Leaders
Mark Leopold is Head of Better Workplaces for the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML).

Prior to IML, Mark gained 25 years’ of leadership experience across a diverse array of industries. Most recently as Head of Workplace Engagement at Beyond Blue – promoting the importance of mentally healthy workplaces.

He joined IML because he recognises that positive leaders can be a catalyst for change in society.  Leaders and managers can create better workplaces – positive, supportive, safe, inclusive, accountable and high performing workplaces.

Mark believes that health, safety and wellbeing is core to good management and leadership practice. Looking after ourselves as leaders and supporting our teams is fundamental to sustainability of any organisation.

Along with the work he does at IML, Mark looks after his own wellbeing by engaging in a diverse array of activities including running, golfing, strumming the guitar and tending a few bonsai. His wife Sara and two daughters, Annalise and Sienna, are a great support to each other.



Chris Gardener
Leadership & Management Consultant, Executive Coach

Chris led organisations at CEO level in overseas aid, aged care, health and hospitals, and youth development for over 25 years. He is semi-retired and consults in leadership development and organisational change. He has postgraduate qualifications in management and leadership, in international relations, and in professional ethics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, and a White Ribbon Ambassador.



Emma Wilson
Lifeline Training Manager

In her role as Training Manager at Lifeline Northern Beaches, Emma works closely with organisations to support workplace wellbeing by providing mental health training. Domestic and Family Violence awareness training is a key part of Lifeline’s portfolio of training programmes.

An HR professional with experience in Banking, IT, Telco, Emma has a background in partnering with senior leadership, HR teams and other stakeholders within global corporates and start-ups. Her work has included HR project planning and delivery, policy development, leadership and culture change programmes.

Emma also volunteers as a Lifeline Crisis Supporter; answering calls from help seekers contacting Lifeline’s national crisis line 13 11 14.


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