Leading Edge – April Edition 2018: Introduction

Welcome to the April edition of Leading Edge.

Ann Messenger, Chair of the Board

In March we’re focusing on managing and leading diversity, a topic on the tips which is front of mind after celebrating gender equality on International Women’s Day, cultural diversity on screen, and LGBTI+ pride at Mardi Gras. With Australia’s workforce becoming increasingly diverse, inclusion policies are essential to fulfilling corporate responsibility as well as capturing the best talent and reaching a wider audience for businesses. It’s crucial that managers and leaders understand how to manage and value inclusion in the workplace in 2018.


Earlier in March, we celebrated International Women’s Day with over 2,300 people joining us at our events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. Our Great Debates asked not if gender equality would be achieved in the future, but how it would be achieved. After affirmative and negative teams entertained us with passionate, empowering and at times hilarious debate, attendees voted by acclamation for the most creative and convincing side. While Brisbane attendees voted for the affirmative side, Sydney and Melbourne both favored the negative argument, that “the future is gender equality”.


Importantly, our IWD events raised a total of over $51,000 for our charity partner YWCA, supporting women and children, often escaping domestic violence, by providing them with shelter, food, education and mentoring. Built on the legacy of women activists for equality, safety and empowerment since 1855, YWCA continues to strive for equality and the empowerment of women and girls to attain a vision of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity. We were very proud to supported YWCA this International Women’s Day. Thank you to all our attendees, partners and Members for their generosity and continued support. Your donations are going towards breaking the chains of domestic and family violence, ensuring all women receive equal respect, voice and opportunities.


Inclusivity isn’t just about hiring processes, but also the inclusive culture of a work environment. With one in five Australians experiencing a mental health condition, a mentally healthy place of work is essential to supporting them. As IML’s Leadership Outlook series has concluded its national tour of educating businesses and professionals on creating mentally healthy workplaces, we’re becoming more aware and sensitive to the mental health needs of those around us. More than 1,500 Leadership Outlook attendees have been equipped with the key steps to develop a mental health strategy tailored to the needs of their business and staff. With beyondblue providing step-by-step planning resources, managers and leaders understand how to advocate for and support the inclusivity of professionals affected by mental health conditions.


The topic of diversity and inclusion is increasingly more prominent in IML’s annual National Salary Survey, Australia’s leading salary benchmarking tool. In over 50 years of the NSS and with IML’s expertise in remuneration data, our researchers have seen a steady progress in remuneration packages and HR policies focused on inclusivity. Flexible work hours, staff counselling and child care are some of the benefits adopted by businesses to support staff from diverse backgrounds from parenting professionals to workers affected by mental illness, to regional staff facing different challenges. Today, the NSS provides invaluable up-to-date insights into how your workplace can retain top talent and attract high performing teams through salary, policy, and benefits. 2018’s NSS is available to pre-order online – as a valued Member, you can receive 15% off with the discount code ‘PP15’ at the checkout.


Finally, I would like to invite you to the IML Annual General Meeting. Each year, IML invites our Members to join us to review the highlights of the past year, discuss the financial report and vote in new Board Members. It is also an opportunity to ask questions of the Board, Chief Executive and Company Secretary. This year, our AGM will be hosted in Sydney on Thursday 24th May 2018. Separate invitations will be sent in April 2018.

I hope to see you there.


Ann Messenger FIML

Chair of the Board, Institute of Managers and Leaders