Leading Edge February 2018 Edition | People Analytics

Organisations have their strengths and weaknesses. Much like individuals, leaving these gaps unchecked can exacerbate problems inside an organisation and infect other parts of the business causing greater inefficiencies.

The Institute’s People Analytics unit has a broad suite of helpful tools that can identify development needs and offer effective solutions.  Two of IML’s most ‘in-demand’ tools are the IML 360 feedback tool and the HealthCheck; each determines individual and organisational development needs respectively.

The IML HealthCheck is underpinned by the ten management competencies that are measured by the Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI).  An organisation can select several individuals from all levels of management to undergo the same self-assessment survey to rate the organisation on the ten key competencies.  The report will compare their score against those of 180+ other Australian organisations (that completed the AMCI), highlighting those areas that need improvement and/or need applause.


Visionary and Strategic LeadershipPerformance LeadershipPeople LeadershipFinancial ManagementOrganisation Capability
Application of Technology and KnowledgeExternal RelationshipsInnovation – Products and ServicesIntegrity and Corporate GovernanceResults and Comparative Performance


The IML 360 is a great way to find out what individual managers and leaders need to work on or feel proud of.  The IML 360 is underpinned by the new IML Management Competency Framework.

As the survey/report is cumulative, individuals can complete the IML 360 at any stage of their career.  Senior leaders can discover their management gaps and take action. Emerging leaders can use the tool to develop their competencies before they even need them.  It’s all about staying ahead of the development curve – and the IML 360 can be used to identify strengths in up and coming leaders to ensure they are placed them in the right management roles with adequate support.

Both the HealthCheck and IML 360 are priced competitively for non-Members ($495 and $200 respectively) and complimentary to IML Corporate Members.  Best of all, they do not require an accredited facilitator to unpack the results as a simple chat between the individual and their manager is all it takes to discuss the results (however, debriefing options are available for those who need it).

Without the right numbers, gaining approval for development can be an uphill battle.  The HealthCheck and IML 360 quantifies those problem areas and makes it easy for any decision maker to say yes to developing their talent.

The other tools in the People Analytics kit comprise of recruitment, behavioural profiling and other 360 tools.  To discuss the right tools for your organisation, please contact us on corporate@managersandleaders.com.au.