Leading Edge – February Edition 2018: Introduction

Welcome to the February edition of Leading Edge.

Ann Messenger, Chair of the Board

This month we’ve been thinking about fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in the workplace, from mental health, to supporting women in the workplace, to employee benefit trends. With professionals spending up to 90,000 hours (10 years!) at work in their lifetimes, it’s important we start thinking about how we can support each other’s wellness for happier, healthier and more successful career journeys.


Our Leadership Outlook series kicked off this week at our sold-out event in Melbourne with professionals and organisations eager to hear from beyondblue on how to create a mentally healthy workplace. Already our mental health workshops have caused a buzz in the media with radio, print and digital channels starting a nation-wide conversation on why workplace mental health needs more attention. In regional press, Fairfax syndicated an article to 43 newspapers, interviewing Chief Executive David Pich and Hobart panellist Breece Gevaux on their vision for Leadership Outlook. ABC Radio in Melbourne and Hobart ran stories about the upcoming event in their local regions. On Wednesday morning this week, the Australian Financial Review published a half page feature on Leadership Outlook advertising all 18 workshops around the country. The Institute’s event is already causing ripples in the business and leadership space and it’s exciting to see that workplaces are prioritising and acting on mental health.


Continuing the theme of corporate responsibility, our International Women’s Day Great Debate is only two weeks away. With topics like corporate feminism, gender pay gap and equal opportunities, the annual event sparks discussion on how we can ensure women and men are treated equally. With 2017 having been a year of collective awakening for women, IWD 2018 will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements, empowerment and resilience against prejudice in the workplace and beyond. With our Melbourne, Sydney and Toowoomba events sold out, it’s important to get in quick in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast if you don’t want to miss out.


Our first Masterclass of the year is also coming up shortly after IWD. In March, we’ll be focusing on “accidental managers”, those of us who started as technical specialists and were promoted into managerial roles. For those who haven’t studied business and leadership courses, moving from delivery to directing can be a daunting responsibility. Without proper support from our organisations, accidental managers can be left to “sink or swim”. Failing at a first-time management role when given no support isn’t our fault, but can leave us feeling unsuccessful, deflated and discouraged. Our IML Masterclass equips individuals with the skills to transition effectively into a new management role, and to assist businesses in understanding how to support their talented staff during promotions. The Masterclass event is a small intimate hands-on seminar so there are limited seats – book now for early bird tickets!


The Institute is now offering businesses the opportunity to pre-order the National Salary Survey – Australia’s oldest and most reliable report on compensation, benefits and HR trends. With salary growth at its lowest in the last decade, offering competitive and trending benefit packages is increasingly important when it comes to retaining your business’s top talent. Additionally, if you contribute your company’s salary data to the NSS, you can save up to $2,000. Find out more about our NSS here.


Finally, the Institute’s Leadership Matters magazine will be published in April. Leadership Matters is Australia’s most popular management and leadership quarterly publication and Members of the Institute receive a complimentary subscription. Our April edition is open also to any Members and businesses who would like to purchase advertising space. If you are interested, please contact our General Manager of Membership – Strategy and Engagement via margot.smith@managersandleaders.com.au.


I hope to see you soon at one of our events.


Ann Messenger FIML

Chair of the Board, Institute of Managers and Leaders