Leading Edge June Edition 2018 – IML Revelian Partnership

The Institute of Managers and Leaders has partnered with Revelian to provide you with access to a range of online assessments for both recruitment and employee development.

Revelian Express gives you immediate access to the insights that are critical in making better people decisions, all through an online, pay-as-you-go testing platform with no-contracts. IML is now offering six of the revelian tools to our members, they include:


Aptitude Assessments 

Cognitive Ability Test: 
Identify people who will learn quickly, reason effectively and solve problems.

Separate Ability Tests:
Focus on just one aspect of ability: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability.

Game-based Assessment: 
An engaging and interactive way to understand a candidates mental agility, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude, attention and numerical reasoning ability.


Personality Assessments

Behavioural Profile: 
Understand how people prefer to interact with others, deal with rules and procedures, and solve problems.


Risk and Safety Assessments

Work Safety Assessment:
Identify people who are more likely to behave safely at work and avoid risky behaviour

Reliability Scale:
Identify whether a candidate is likely to be trustworthy and reliable


The tools enable you to:

Give your intuition a helping hand

The best intuition in the world is always better when it’s supplemented by science. So, if you wouldn’t buy a car without a mechanical inspection, and you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you rely on intuition alone when identifying and selecting the best people for your business?

Regardless of your industry or the type of role, Revelian assessments will tell you what’s ‘under the hood’ by giving you objective and accurate insights into each of your candidates.

Avoid the stress and cost of a wrong hire

Hiring people is a substantial and often risky investment for any business. And when candidates really want the job, they’ll often tell you what you want to hear.

Resumes, interviews and reference checks will only ever give you part of the picture. Revelian assessments give you real insight into whether a candidate is truly likely to succeed and help your business grow, using proven methods of predicting performance at work.