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Five benefits of joining a professional membership body

By Margot Smith

So often we look for a silver bullet in life. Some way to fast track our personal or professional lives. Would you like your career to move into the fast lane? Or would you like to ‘give back’ to like-minded managers and leaders?

Membership with a professional body, such as IML ANZ, can help you get ahead and stay ahead. Accessing the tools and connections available to IML ANZ Members could make the next 12 months your best year yet.

Here are ways you benefit by joining a professional membership body:

  1. Grow your network

At certain points in your career, it pays to have a diverse network of contacts. It’s especially important if you are entering the workforce, starting a new job or changing industries. Even more so if you have been made redundant or are opening a new business. Networking is definitely a priority regardless of your career stage. Don’t get complacent!

In IML ANZ’s first book, Leadership Matters – 7 skills of very successful leaders, I wrote the chapter on networking. In it, I advocate for having a diverse network. I lay out a range of different demographics and industries that you should consider if you want to ensure you have a variety of contacts and perspectives in your network. How broad is your circle of influence and support? IML ANZ Members come from a variety of sectors, industries and professional backgrounds – great for those seeking to be part of a diverse network.

  1. Keep your thinking sharp

Knowledge is power. As a leader, your teams look to you for guidance and information. Keeping abreast on the latest when it comes to leadership and management equips you to help not only your team, but also your organisation.

IML ANZ’s vast range of resources and tools are another great reason to become a Member or maintain your Membership.

Whether it’s a topical blog, the latest issue of Leadership Matters magazine, Insight Edge newsletter, a video or article from Leadership Direct – there are tools to help you stay current in your area of expertise and expand your knowledge base.

  1. Raise your profile

No one ever lights a lamp and hides it under a box. When you’ve worked countless hours and invested a lot of effort to reach your goals, that’s something worth sharing with others. Not only does it lift your professional profile but your experience can also inspire those aspiring to do then same.

Whether you are launching a new business, starting your career or wanting to give back, IML ANZ can help you stand out from the crowd.

We regularly feature Members doing incredible things in our quarterly magazine, Leadership Matters. Our LinkedIn discussion group and blog are also great forums to share your wisdom. Plus, our Members enjoy the opportunity to speak at IML ANZ events.

Or simply attend one of our events and get to know the rest of the network. Don’t blend in – stand out for all the right reasons.

  1. Develop as a professional

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, there’s always room for development.

Mentoring is great way to develop yourself (as either a mentee or mentor). As a mentee, you set the agenda and gain invaluable advice. Mentors act as a trusted advisor, and many say they learn a lot from the experience as well.

If you’re new to management, our immersive Intentional Leadership Foundations program provides professionals with a blended learning platform to embed key leadership lessons.

For managers who lead other managers, our Intentional Leadership Accelerate program equips them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to influence within their organisations – whether that’s upward, downward or laterally.

Plus, our interactive Masterclasses give all professionals the opportunity to deep-dive into relevant topics that impact today’s managers and leaders.

  1. Distinguish yourself

Management and leadership is a profession. So it helps when you can establish your credibility as someone who directs and leads others.

For university graduates or MBA students our Pathway Partnerships with selected universities provide a great entry level Membership option. It gives you access to a professional network to help kick start the new stage of your career.

At every professional stage, you’ll find an IML ANZ Membership level to suit you. At each Membership level you’ll enjoy resources, events and the support that you need.

If you’re a professional at the pinnacle of your career, why not go Chartered? Chartered Manager (CMgr) is the internationally-recognised professional designation accrediting management and leadership excellence. It’s the highest status that can be achieved as a manager and leader, and allows managers to professionalise their leadership skills and stand out in a competitive global market.

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