Leading Edge – May Edition 2019: Introduction

Ann Messenger, Chair of the Board

Welcome to the May edition of Leading Edge.

This month we’re thinking about managing people and performance. Indeed, it’s the central duty that defines leadership as a profession, and one the Institute has been dedicated to empowering professionals to do well since 1939. As leaders, our primary focus is to nurture our people to perform at their best, and our success is directly measured on the achievements of our teams.

At the Institute, we firmly believe your people are your business. They support and deliver on the vision, mission and purpose of your business, they are the frontline executers of your strategy and they carry the creativity, expertise and energy of your organisation. How well you support your people is a direct investment in how well they support your business. As successful people managers, we enable our staff to enhance the business by coaching them, developing their potential, resolving conflicts, fostering their creativity and providing inspiration.

When we re-established the Institute’s purpose 12 months ago – to end the chaos of the accidental manager and to encourage managers to lead with intent – we focused on developing and supporting professionals in becoming effective and successful people managers with a positive impact on teams and the business. We designed the Institute’s first leadership program called Foundations, a ground-breaking development experience that transforms new managers into intentional leaders. Launching across Australia to an overwhelmingly positive response and demand, we realised the significance of the unique development program we created to the country’s business space.

This month, we’re extremely proud to announce our newest edition in our suite of Intentional Leadership programs: Accelerate. The role of leading managers puts professionals in a unique position of influence inside an organisation. As the messenger of strategy across multiple teams, these leaders have the widest sphere of influence within the business. They have the strongest impact, the capacity to be a catalyst for change and the power to accelerate people potential and company growth. IML ANZ’s new program supports these leaders of managers on their intentional leader journey. Significantly, participants will have the opportunity to be accredited as a Chartered Manager upon completion of the program, the highest status that can be achieved as a manager and leader. Like Foundations, Accelerate delivers long-term impactful development aimed at creating leaders who can manage people effectively with confidence, a central skill of the intentional leader. You can find out more and enquire about the program here.

Whether you’re aspiring to become a manager, or you’re on the leadership team of a large organisation, it is essential to regularly update your knowledge to keep up with the latest in people management. As a Membership feature, IML ANZ offers you access to several publications, databases and content products to keep you informed in the leadership space. As part of our ongoing commitment to bring you easily accessible tailored management and leadership resources, we are delighted to announce the relaunch of our Leadership Direct Platform, now redesigned to suit the needs of our Members. At IML ANZ, we understand the need to access readily-available development solutions to support your personal management and leadership journey and the new platform offers you just that. Leadership Direct is your online toolkit for everything management and leadership related. We’ve made some key updates to the platform, allowing you to navigate the platform with a user-friendly interface, access EBSCO, Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal through Leadership Direct, access a curated list of trending content and continue to tailor your custom learning journeys with simplified functions. The revamped platform can be found by logging into your membership portal, visiting your dashboard and clicking the Leadership Direct tile. For best performance, access the platform on your desktop. Get started here.

The importance of managing people management is being increasingly instilled throughout tertiary education, and not only in business and management degrees or in traditional university spaces. Recently, Universal Business School Sydney became newest organisation to forge a Pathway Partnership with the Institute. The first non-university higher education provider to offer IML ANZ development services to students, UBSS’s commitment shows the rising demand for professionally competent graduates with the practical skills for leadership in the independent education market. UBSS joins a growing diverse list of prestigious Australian business schools including Swinburne, Deakin and Griffith Universities. We’ll be officially announcing UBSS’s partnership later in the month, so keep your eyes on the website for the launch.

The month of May also brings us to the end of another fantastic IML ANZ Membership year. As I reflect on the eventful and exciting past 12 months, I am filled with enthusiasm for the year ahead. As with the launch of so many new products, partnerships, campaigns and event series, this year is certainly defined by the unmissable opportunities IML ANZ Membership will bring. With personal Memberships up for renewal, I encourage you to renew early and take advantage of the upcoming End of Financial Year. You can pay your invoice by clicking the button on the renewal email notifications, or by simply logging into our Member Portal and clicking the renewal reminder.

And finally, with the Annual General Meeting coming up this week, I want to extend a warm welcome to you to join me, the Board of Directors and IML ANZ’s Leadership Team. These yearly meetings are dedicated to reporting to our Members on the Institute’s business in the past year, and are a platform to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback. As Members, you are the sole reason behind why the Institute exists, and this is an opportunity for us to learn how we can service you better in the future. Indeed, if our people are our business, then you – the Members of the Institute – are the heart and soul of our organisation.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Ann Messenger FIML

Chair of the Board