Lloyd Davies, CEO, Zoom Apps

Lloyd Davies, CEO, Zoom Apps

Whilst completing a maths degree I started my professional career as a musician. It was while doing a job that involved collecting on bad debts (as musicians do) I stumbled across the power of computers to do cool things and since then have not looked back.

That was 25+ years ago and ever since I have been designing, developing and deploying software solutions.

In 2006 I started a business of my own as a Microsoft ERP Channel partner where my excellent leadership and management skills came to the fore and I enhanced my ability to create strong personal relationships with staff and clients.

In 2015 I sold my business in pursuit of ‘doing what you love’. This meant I returned to using computers for cool things. Since then I have started two businesses which have both rapidly gained traction by focusing on creating quality, user focused software developed by skilled professionals.